Christmas Lesson Info

Just a quick Post to let you know that we will be stopping lessons for the Christmas period on Monday 19th December.
If you wish to book in before then Please visit our online booking function and book your slot.

3d Motion Capture New Update

As many of you know we have invested in the the MySwing system which is a body sensor system which gives us an incredible insight to your golf swing. This involves putting 17 sensors on you as you swing and turns your golf swing into an avatar giving us vital information to help you understand what needs to change in your swing for you to achieve your goal.

There is no guess work instead of saying your shoulder turn is better we can say your shoulder turn is 25 degrees better. It is that accurate.

It has improved my golf swing no end and pointed out that I had some side tilt issues at the top of my swing and that I wasn’t loading my right leg as well as I could have on the back swing.

Always Improving

I have always been a PGA Professional who always looks for the best technology and always strive to be at the for front of the practices that a modern PGA Professional can use to give you the best possible service, and I have to say that this system is the most impressive piece of equipment I have ever seen.

I thought Flightscope was good which it is ! But MySwing I rate 100 times better, Insistently we can link Flightscope data into you myswing so we can track your body movements to the millimeter but we can also capture your club and ball data.


If you haven’t been on the my swing system we urge you to have a go. We are seeing great results with our clients who have been on this system plus they have now updated their software so we have a new training function which is very cool. The training mode lets you work with the system and when you are in a good position a tone will sound. This makes you make the changes which means you will learn the position quicker.

Training Mode Video

Offer For this next week runs up to Monday 19th December. A 90 minute lesson on Myswing is discounted by £10.00 offer only available on 90 minute lessons. Book online here>>>

Gift Vouchers

We have already done quite a few Christmas vouchers as great gifts for loved ones. We are doing an offer that all Flightscope and MySwing 3D Lessons are discounted to £30.00 per hour ( offer only on vouchers)

If you wish to buy Christmas Gifts please visit our Gift Voucher Page on our website and follow the instructions

Visit Gift Voucher page here >>>