Horizontal Launch Angle

Horizontal Launch Angle

As a PGA Teaching Professional you hear so many different wishes from golfers but you can label the majority with a few key phrases.

I am looking for consistency, I want to hit a draw instead of this slice!

Many golfers don’t look at the golf ball in close details and with the introduction of Flightscope launch monitor it can really help the golfers who wish to learn better ball control.

The majority of golfers who wish to hit a draw fail before they even begin, because their golf ball starts to the left of the target line, when a draw must start to the right and curve back towards the target. Why would you want the ball to draw if it starts to the left?

Simply by focusing on the balls start line can change your golf swing. We as golfers are clever we will find a way.

A great drill for horizontal launch angle

A great drill next time you are down the range to practice is to place a shaft or golf club out in front of your golf ball by 6 feet. Start out by hitting half shots and focus on nothing more than starting the ball to the right of the shaft from a square stance.

If you can do this you have a chance! You may hit pushes ( straight right ) or push fades (starts right and curves right ) both of those shots are very close to a drawing golf shot which starts right and curves left. With the push and the push fade shots you have the launch of the golf ball correct but not the spin ( spin axis of the ball)

You are half way there!

With practice and patience the ball has every chance of curving back to the left because you are clever and you will find a way to correct your d plane.